Exhibition 15.01. - 04.02.2011

All drawings (apart from the 6 Deadly Sins) presented on this site are currnetly exhibited at the "Byty, mowa linii" exhibition at the Arttrakt gallery in Wroclaw.
Check it out on the map here - and check it out in real life. ...or contact me for guided tour! ;)

Give and take.

illusay.com - is a design collective project that I have started with mr. Paun from Randomcolors (see links). The concept is to illustrate sayings and proverbs... One might think, it's "Words of wisdom" - but not only... Some of the presented proverbs are interesting, some intriguing, others peculiar or even ridiculous... While we are not trying to limit ourselves culturally, the entertainment value is a very important factor.

People interested in participating in the project, please drop me an email, 0f course, all suggestions and interesting proverbs are also very welcome!

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